Free At Last! Chris Brown Released From Lockdown

Team Breezy, rejoice!

After two and a half months, Chris Brown has stepped from behind the walls of the Los Angeles County jail early today (June 2), say L.A. authorities.

The singer was released at 12:01 a.m. this morning (June 2), announced L.A. deputy Tony Moore. No further details were given.

Since March, Brown had been in custody after being arrested for violating the rules of a court-ordered rehab center. In early May (9th), a judge ruled that he remain locked up for 131 more days after he plead guilty to violating his probation by getting into a clash outside of a D.C. hotel in October 2013. However, it was expected that Brown would be released early on good behavior.

Now that he's out, let's hope he stays out! Now we can get back to the music…roll on, X!