Ryan Tedder On New Adele and U2 Music: ‘The Pressure Drives Me’

Ryan Tedder doesn't mind pressure when it comes to helping fellow recording artists, like Adele and U2, with forthcoming albums.

In a recent interview, Tedder not only opened up about the writing and production process, but just how much has gone into Adele's anticipated album.

"I just wrapped up a couple weeks with U2, so any level of pressure that I could possibly have I've already experienced at this point. The pressure drives me. To make it an analogy to sports: Everyone on the court wants to be as good as Kobe Bryant, but the only way to do that is to practice, practice, practice. So I never stop writing, and when someone calls upon me to write something I'm already so immersed in that headspace that I don't panic," Tedder shared with the Denver Post.

Claiming the "stakes happen" with Adele, Tedder went on to say that they've created a number of songs, but he's not sure what will make her follow up to "21."

"We've collected a number of songs. I don't know which ones will make the album. I think only she knows that," said Tedder. "I know that some of them are great, and I'll try to come in and bring the best that I can, because an artist as good as she is deserves the absolute best. I try to do what I do with anyone else, but with Adele the stakes happen to be a little bit higher."

In related news, One Republic has hit the road for a tour with The Script. With forthcoming dates in Phoenix, Chula Vista, Albuquerque and Hollywood, the tour has been titled the Native Summer Tour.

Tickets are on sale now.