RCA President on Usher’s New Album: ‘Haven’t Felt This Way Since Confessions’

Usher and his team went for a different approach when recording his forthcoming eighth studio album, which is due this Fall. According to RCA President of Urban Music Mark Pitts, the goal was not filling the album with hits. It was about making great music.

Discussing the "Good Kisser" led album with Billboard recently, Pitts went on to say that he hasn't felt the way he feels now since "Confessions."

"I haven’t felt this way since ‘Confessions'. I said to him, ‘We’re not going in to try to make a hit. Let’s go in there to try and make great music. This feels like a cohesive body of work. Last album, we started [Usher's audience] off with ‘Climax.’ Then we smacked them in the face with some dance shit. But this album feels like it’s all from the same guy," said Pitts.

Fresh off the season finale of "The Voice," which saw Usher win as a coach, with "Team Usher" star Josh Kaufman, Usher has a lot on his plate going forward.

Not only is the Grammy winner prepping for the release of the new album, he's busy with a series of sponsorship deals, including ones with Samsung and Mercedes Benz. He is also working on the creation on a new tour and may be returning to "The Voice" in 2015.

"His star power is different now than it was making other albums," says Pitts, who is executive producing Usher’s album. “He didn’t have all these other platforms."