Jazmine Sullivan Talks Being ‘Sheltered’ in Debut ‘Reality Series’ Episode (Video)

Now that her new single “Dumb” is off and running, Jazmine Sullivan is adding more promotional buzz around her comeback album, Reality Show, by launching a web video series of the same name.

[LISTEN: Jazmine Sullivan – Dumb Ft. Meek Mill]

In episode 1 (Culture), the singer-songwriter gives fans a deeper look into her upbringing while touching on how she is connected to the creation of her music.

“I grew up pretty sheltered, I was this young church girl; always off somewhere singing and I had to make my friends at school because I didn’t live on a typical block,” Jazmine says about her upbringing. “All my friends lived in normal row houses and I lived in this big historic mansion in Fairmount Park, which was directly across from the hood. Technically I grew up in the hood, but not at the same time!”

Since her 2008 debut, Fearless, Sullivan has always been a reclusive kind of artist and we may now know the reason. “Growing up, I always felt like I was missing something by not being able to run the streets at night or have a crush on a boy on the block,” she says.

But Jazmine is thankful on the way her parents raised her, because it facilitated her creativity and imagination, making her more spontaneous with her music.

She adds, “I like all kinds of sh*t, and I write for people like me, people that can listen to different genres of music and just appreciate it all.”

A follow up to her current single, "Dumb," is also in the works.

Watch: Jazmine Sullivan's Reality Show: Culture (Episode 1)

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