Jazmine Sullivan: New Album, ‘Reality Show,’ Is Done

After about two years of quietly working in the studio, Jazmine Sullivan has wrapped production on her anticipated third studio album, "Reality Show."

Chatting with Billboard this week, the "Stuttering" and "Famous" singer said the album has 11-12 songs and is not filled with "angry" songs.

"I don't think I'm going to have many 'I'm angry; My guy did me wrong' type of songs, because I've grown and experienced other things in the relationship," Sullivan told the magazine. "But I can't shake them angry songs. [Laughs] I think the angry songs got chosen as singles, so those who didn't listen to the albums associate me with those angry songs."

Showing fans a more emotional side, taking on heartbreak, Sullivan says there is a song titled "Forever."

"The most personal song is called, 'Forever.' I'm basically crying on that song. It's a ballad, and that's classic Jazmine. It's a letting go song which is why it's so personal," says Sullivan. "I feel like I came to a point in my relationship where [I needed] to let go and move on. I just had to do it."

A follow up to her current single, "Dumb," is also in the works.