Toni Braxton On Memoir’s Release: ‘I Have At Last Found The Courage’

Toni Braxton opens her soon to be released memoir, Unbreak My Heart, with a bit of a confession.

In an honest and somewhat shocking introduction, Braxton admits that she entrusted some she shouldn't have, put her life and career in the hands of those that didn't have her best interest in mind and declares that she won't make that mistake again.

"The lessons of my journey are plentiful — and here is one. I've realized just how much of myself I've suppressed. I've sacrificed a lot of who I am to make the people around me happy. No longer. I've entrusted people who didn't have my best interest at heart. That chapter is now permanently closed. I don't know exactly what the coming years will bring, but I do know this: I will never again hand over my power to another human being. To do so is to hand over life itself — and at long last, I'm getting mine back," says Braxton.

Way beyond the introduction of the book, which will be released Tuesday, May 20, Braxton talks about a lot things that will shock even her most dedicated fans. That includes an abortion, feeling punished for having that abortion, struggles with her family, including her sisters, mother and father, and of course the bankruptcy. Even with that said, Braxton's book is not a slam fest, attacking those who did this or that, but more so a this is my story and this is what I've learned.

"You may know me best by the songs I've shared with the world. "Breathe Again," "Seven Whole Days," "Un-break My Heart." To know my creations is to indeed know one part of who I am. But behind every lyric, behind each of those melodies and countless others, there lies a story that I've never been brave enough to tell," says Braxon. "In this moment – standing at this crossroads – I have at last found the courage."

Celebrating the release of "Unbreak My Heart," Braxton will be on a promotional tour this week. Her stops include "The View," "Watch What Happens Live," "The Queen Latifah Show" and a host of other stops, including a few book signings in Los Angeles and New York.