The Week in R&B: The Music and The Elevator Led By Solange, Beyonce & Jay-Z

Being the most vulnerable genre in music, you never know what you're going to get from today's R&B stars.

It seems like every story this past week was over-shadowed by Solange's elevator attack on brother-in-law Jay Z at the Standard Hotel in NYC while Beyonce stood by watching. The family, who seems to always keep their personal happenings out of the media’s watching eyes, was put through the ringer after TMZ released a surveillance video of the elevator scuffle. Strength prevailed on this one though, and this week they will go back to making their millions quietly.

Wrapping up our other overshadowed top stories, see why Mariah Carey is “Thirsty,” dig into the big news from Danity Kane member Aundrea, See Why Kelly Rowland has a permanent smile, and much more from our celebrated genre.

Take this trip with us Roomies!

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