Brandy to Start “Personal” Album This Summer, “I Really Wanna Bring It”

R&B veteran Brandy will kick off work on her next studio album this summer, which will serve as the follow-up to her 2012 effort, Two Eleven. B Rocka confirmed the news during a recent appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show, insisting, "this is the perfect time for me to be singing."

"I plan to start working on the album in the summer, I'm really excited about that," Brandy told Arsenio about her upcoming seventh opus. "I really want for this to be personal for me, and I wanna tell a story that I haven't told before.

As previously reported, Brandy and fiancé Ryan Press ended their engagement last month claiming via a rep: “They decided to take a step back and reevaluate the relationship.” So for this new album, fans may get to really delve into the heart and soul of the singer, who rarely lets her personal life spill into the public arena.

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When asked if the project has to do with what she's going through in her 30's, being a mom, and the battles of love, Brandy confirms, "absolutely."

"I just wanna scream on this album," belting a note before adding, "I really wanna bring it."

We’re excited about this new body of work from Brandy!

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