[EXCLUSIVE] Diggy Simmons Talks New Single, Time Off, BET Show, Not Cheating His Fans, More

Diggy Simmons is ready for the next chapter in his budding music career. With the mindset of delivering real and honest music to the world, the 19-year-old took a year off to reflect and experience life as a new adult. Now ready to let the world in on his new outlook, Diggy is preparing a new album via Atlantic Records. The upcoming set is led by the catchy new single 'My Girl,' featuring rising R&B sensation and label-mate Trevor Jackson. Singersroom (SR) chopped it up with Diggy on the set of the video shoot for the single and he opened up about his new project, taking time off to reflect, his upcoming BET show, and not cheating his fans.

Check out some excerpts from the above video:

On His New Single 'My Girl': This record, I'm so excited about it; the way it sounds, where I'm going in my career right now, it's with the young, talented Trevor Jackson, it's just a record that I'm proud of," Diggy told Singersroom on set of the single's video shoot. "I feel like it's very strong… I can't wait for everybody to see the video.

[Listen to My Girl Ft. Trevor Jackson]

On Working With Trevor Jackson: He has great energy, he's talented, and when you have somebody like that, who just has that factor… it just comes together and it's beautiful, so it's been amazing working with him.

On The Sound For Upcoming LP: I wouldn’t call it a new sound, I call it evolving… I've been making music since I was fourteen, I'm nineteen now so, from the subject matter to the sound, I'm very proud of how everything is progressing… I stepped away for a year, it was the best thing I could do because it made everything sound that much more organic; it's inspired by real life events. That same energy that I put into my music is what everybody else is going to get out of it.

On Time Off From Music: I was just enjoying myself, reflecting and knowing myself.

On Upcoming Bet Show: The show is coming out very very soon… It's based on new York City. I wouldn't say it's all about me, but you see some similarities in my life.

On What Fans Should Expect From New Album: They should expect better!… That's the reason why it was important for me to take that time off. If I just threw out music, they wouldn't be hearing anything real from me. So if they got a project within that year that I didn't really have anything to say to them, I'd be cheating them, and by doing that I'm cheating myself and what my career could be and move forward as.

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