Mark Ballas To Debut Single ‘Get My Name’ on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Dance pro Mark Ballas will debut his first single on "Dancing With The Stars" this week.

Set for debut and release tonight, May 5, the single is titled "Get My Name."

"While collaborating in the studio with Timbaland's protege, producer, Wizz Dumb and Missy Elliott mentored writer Jo'zzy, Ballas' Get My Name touts a soulful but fun, funky pop sound. Together, they describe the co-written record as simply, "infectious and fresh," Ballas' management reports. "The Get My Name video, also dropping on May 5th, is visually stunning, shot in the contemporary, with a throwback feel, directed by Emmy-award winning choreographer, Derek Hough. The mash-up reflects Ballas' true musical style while showcasing the immense scope of his classical guitar training and musicianship."

"Get My Name" is being made available on iTunes and via 189 digital retail outlets globally.

Signed to BMG Publishing, songwriter-musician and Emmy-nominated dancer and choreographer Ballas had this to say, "I'm so excited about where my music is today. I have been in the studio working on this album for two years now and I feel like my sound has evolved and niched into something I am really proud of. This single is my first full studio release – looking forward to everyone hearing it!"