TJ Boyce – Cuz I Ball (Short Film) (Sean Kingston Diss)

TJ Boyce may not be a recognizable name in your memory register, but this dude has been making heavy moves underground, especially in his state of Texas. Known for the hit "No Panties," and strong cuts like "It's On" and "Party", featuring rapper Problem, the singer-songwriter switches things up for his latest effort "Cuz I Ball."

In the accompanying music video, Boyce taps into his gully side as he musically checks entertainer Sean Kingston over an alleged confrontation in the parking lot at Miami's popular strip club The King of Diamonds. Although Boyce denies the incident ever happen, insisting he was in Atlanta at the time promoting his single "No Panties," he still decided to take action.

[Watch the music video for "No Panties"]

Kingston was allegedly dating famous stripper and video vixen Maliah Michel at the time, and was said to be upset when she appeared in Boyce's "No Panties" music video.

Check the video for the 8-minutes plus plot!

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