WCW: Sebastian Mikael Crushing On Jhene Aiko (Exclusive)

WCW is the perfect way to get the attention of someone you have been crushing on for a while or maybe someone you found surfing the social media world. It might just be a chance for you to use your hashtag to show some love to beautiful women or men. However, in this case, R&B singer-songwriter Sebastian Mikael has taken the opportunity to shout out Jhene Aiko on this fine Wednesday.

"Everything about her I like. I think it's the fact that she is talented and creative. She can sing… that's attractive. She has a great personality. Then shes gorgeous … that's an all the way a win."

Sebastian also told us what he looks for in a crush.

"I look for them to be attractive and have beautiful features. They need to have a personality. She has to be creative and artistic. I also like when women can cook since I can't. I don't expect her to be in the kitchen all the time but it's so impressive."

We might have made a crush connection. We will just have to see.

Do you think Jhene Aiko and Sebastian Mikael would make a cute couple?

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