Instagram to Rihanna: Chill With The Nudity or We Will Delete You!, Plus Vogue Brasil BTS

Rihanna nearly shut down the entire internet yesterday when she shared revealing topless photos from her photo shoot with French skin magazine Lui with her 13 million followers on her Instagram page. But Instagram ain’t havin’ it!

Soon after, the site soon took the photos down, saying the snaps violated their nudity policy.

Rihanna is no stranger to posting pics of her in barely-there clothing, but TMZ reports that the site then sent the 26-year-old international star an email threatening to remove her account if she continues to post revealing flicks.

And of course, the warning didn’t faze RiRi, who responded by using her Twitter to post the boob-baring snaps. Then, she posted humorous memes about the situation, one with her face posted on another woman’s conservatively-dressed body, posing like a pastor’s wife. The caption read “Rih's Next Magazine Cover If It Was Up To Instagram."

Ha! With Riri's history of social media beefs, we're surprised she didn't go off on the Instagram administrators!

So what do you think, Roomies? Good call by Instagram, or are they being prudes?

Also, check out the behind the scenes video for Rihanna's recent cover shoot with Vogue Brasil. The clip was shot in Rio de Janeiro in January.