Incognito – Hats (Makes Me Wanna Holler) ft. Tony Momrelle

To celebrate their 35th anniversary, UK funk/jazz/soul/dance band Incognito christen their forthcoming album Amplified Soul by releasing the video for "Hats (Makes Me Wanna Holler)" featuring the group’s current lead singer Tony Momrelle.

The group (which consists of members Sid Gauld, Jamie Anderson, Nichol Thomson, Francis Hytlon, Matt Cooper, Francesco Mendolia, Joao Caetano, Katie Hector, Vanessa Haynes and Tony Momrelle) was spearheaded by Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, who says of his group, “We have a sound of our own and we are not trying to follow anyone else's groove! Incognito has never been a band that tries to dazzle with flashiness and technical prowess, we groove to make you move, we shift to uplift and we use captivating melodies to tell our stories.”

And that’s just what “Hats” does, makes you want to move…even if it just tapping your toe!

Amplified Soul arrives on May 13. Pre-order above.