Mariah Carey Talks YouTube, Touring and ‘Executive Producing’ Television

Will Mariah Carey tour within the next year? According to Carey, touring is not as intimate or special like it could have been before things like YouTube.

"I love being in the studio, making Wall of Sound background vocals. That's when I'm most at home, other than being with 'dem babies' now. I love being onstage and connecting with the lambily most importantly, but it's just that now nothing's just an experience with your fans and your fans alone. It's on YouTube immediately, not 'Oh, that was an amazing moment I just experienced," Carey said in a Billboard cover story released Monday.

With her last tour, the 'Angels Advocate Tour,' taking place in 2009, Carey has her mind set on other projects, including television.

Learning from experience on "American Idol" last year, the "You're Mine (Eternal)" singer says she has to be able to executive produce going forward.

"I have another project that I'm so very excited about that's finally coming to fruition. I would want to do something that was authentic. And I did feel that there were some truly talented singers on there this year, last year, whenever that was. It's a blur, it has all been a blur, all of it, dahhhling," said Carey.

It will be interesting to see what this new project is and if it is a reality singing competition format or something else. Mariah Carey is also at work on a new studio album.