Update: Bodyguard of Chris Brown Found Guilty in D.C. Assault Case, Brown’s Trial Set For April 23

Chris Brown’s pre-trial hearing in D.C. to settle the assault from back in October began on Friday (April 18), and now we have a ruling…but not for Chris. Judge Patricia Wynn delivered her verdict today (April 21) for Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, who punched a 20-year-old fan, Parker Adams, in the face, allegedly breaking his nose. The victim claims Brown jumped in with the attack, and he’s suing both men for $1.5 million each. At the time, both Brown and Hollosy were arrested.

Brown's non-jury trial was set to start today (Monday, April 21), but has been postponed until Wednesday (April 23) due to issues over Hollosy’s testimony. Brown’s legal team were counting on Hollosy to testify for Brown as a witness, but Hollosy vowed to appeal his conviction, activating his right to stay quiet.

"He won’t be a witness now, potentially," Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos said. "We’re confident that if all the evidence gets before the judge, Chris will be acquitted. Chris did not hit this guy. And if Hollosy did, it was for the defense of others."

Adams claims he was punched by both Brown and Hollosy after trying to photobomb a picture a friend and Brown were in the middle of taking. Adams claims Brown said, “I’m not down with that gay sh*t" before he and Hollosy began the brawl. However, Hollosy claims he punched Adams after Adams tried to get on Brown's tour bus.

Brown faces up to 180 days behind bars if found guilty in the Washington assault.