Court Orders Nick Gordon To Stay Away From Houston Family

Looks like Pat Houston’s request for a restraining order against Nick Gordon, the husband of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina worked, because Gordon is now forbidden to be near Pat Houston and her immediate family.

If you recall, Gordon was making sinister threats while flashing guns on Twitter towards the Houston family after getting into brawls at family functions. Whitney Houston's manager, sister-in-law, Pat used the pictures in court to back up her reasons for the restraining order, as a well as the Twitter threats.

As a result, the judge slapped Gordon with an order to stay 200 yards or more away from Houston and her family for a year. If he violates the order, it’s jail time for her nieces’ hubby.

The tension between Gordon and the Houston’s have been boiling up for a while now; Gordon has been vocal about disagreeing with Pat as the executor of Whitney’s $20 million estate when it comes to his wife Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance.