Pharrell Williams on Oprah Prime: ‘I Wasn’t Ready’

Was Pharrell happy with being a songwriter and producer behind hits with Jay Z, Usher and Sean "Puffy" Combs? According to Pharrell, there was a time where he gave up on being in their shoes or being the frontman or artist in his own right.

"I had accepted that I was going to be a writer and producer. I was happy to be the guy standing next to the guy," Pharrell told Oprah on "Oprah Prime" Sunday.

According to Pharrell, when he was given the opportunity to release his first album it was more about bragging and less about purpose.

"I beat myself up about that because I was like here you are being given a platform and all you want to do is brag," Pharrell says in the clip below. "I wasn't ready. See Jay and Puff were like my peers and I wanted to be like them and I misinterpreted what Jay was doing. I wanted the private jets, the girls the this and the that."