Nephew of ‘L&HH: Atlanta’ Star Benzino Claims Self Defense in Funeral Shooting

Last week, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star, hip-hop exec and producer Benzino (Raymond Scott) was shot near Boston during a funeral procession for his mother by his 36-year-old nephew Gai Scott, which left him in stable condition. The D.A. cited rising family tensions as the reason, now Gai is speaking out, claiming self-defense.

At a court hearing, Gai tells reporters, "I shot at him; I was in fear for my wife and baby," he said. "He's been threatening my life." In a police report, Gai explained that his uncle Benzino pulled up beside him during the procession, rolled down his window and said "You got a problem with me," while flashing a firearm, which prompted him to open fire when Zino flashed his firearm and made the threats first.

Also during the hearing, state trooper Robert Klimas testified on behalf of Gai, saying his uncle has been threatening to kill him for years, and that Zino sent threatening texts just days before the funeral. Gai's attorney Jon Ciraulo added at the hearing that his client was the one who contacted police and flagged another police officer down and explained what happened.

All this stems from a brewing family feud, which Benzino has said he thought his sister and nephew were financially taking advantage of his mother. "Yes. I spoke up about it years ago. There had been loans taken out on her house," Zino has said.

Gai Scott is ordered held without bail, and a not-guilty plea deal has been submitted in a charge of armed assault with intent to murder.

Benzino is currently at home recovering from two bullet wounds. "The one on the left went through the MadeMen shield and broke my bone, and still in there, the one on the right luckily just grazed my back #blessed," he tweeted.