Top 10 Fashion Trends To Spice Up Your Spring

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March is in full swing, which only means one thing—stores are fully stocked with their spring collections. As the weather warms up, it is the perfect time to spice up your wardrobe. Spring is the season to transform your wardrobe with cooler colors and replace the sweaters and jeans for skirts and sandals. Prepare to shed those layers and hit the streets for the latest spring trends that were seen on the runways during the Spring/Summer fashion weeks in September. Here are the top ten staple pieces for the sunny days to come.

Flower Power

Flower Power

Floral prints are blooming all over the fashion world this spring. Flowers were clearly an inspiration for designers – the print showed up in different forms all over the runways. Hats, bags, dresses, skirts and even shoes were seen covered in floral during fashion week. Embrace your delicate side with this lady-like print—it’s fitting for those sunny summer days.

What artists do you think would look good in flowers?

Afternoon Tee

Afternoon Tee

Our tops are getting shorter but it’s okay because skirts are getting longer. When paired with a cropped sweater or a sheer blouse the tea length skirt has the perfect balance of edge and elegance.

What do you think about this funky style?

Graphic Art

Graphic Art

Dresses and skirts have become canvases for vibrant colors and graphics this season. Bold brush strokes and splashes of paint were all the rave throughout fashion week. If your closet is looking a bit "blah", come out of your comfort zone and add a head-turning statement piece.

RiRi & Kim Kardashian's Crop It Up Style

RiRi & Kim Kardashian’s Crop It Up Style

If there’s a time to work on your summer "bod" it’s now because crop tops don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Designers are being more creative with the tiny top—it can be found in different shapes, patterns and fabric, making it flattering for any body type. Do your midriff a favor and stock up on crop tops. They will come in handy this spring.

Beyonce's Peek a Boo Style

Beyonce’s Peek a Boo Style

Sheer is definitely in this season. The runways were covered in mesh and chiffon during the Spring/Summer shows. The see through fabric allows you to reveal the right amount of skin while maintaining mystery—giving you a sexy, yet classy look.

Rihanna's Wide Leg

Rihanna’s Wide Leg

Add a lot of flare to your high-waisted pants this spring with the wide-leg. This fun and comfy trend was displayed in runway shows from Prada to Armani. Add a blouse and a tailored top for an office look, or keep it casual with a bandeau and a denim jacket.

How do you think Rihanna pulled this look off?

Rir'si Tom Boy Style

Rir’si Tom Boy Style

Gucci track pants, Vera Wang hoodies and Chanel sneakers? It looks like tomboys have finally made it in the fashion world. Moderation is key, so avoid going overboard with the gym ware. Throw on a bomber jacket with a shift dress and court shoes or pair a printed baseball cap with a flirty skirt for a sporty feel.

Do you think TLC would be proud?

Shine Bright

Shine Bright

The runways were twinkling with metallics during the Spring/Summer fashion weeks. Add a touch of shimmer to your everyday wear with a pair of bronze sandals or if you’re looking to step out with a statement, throw on a gold jumpsuit. Glam it up with sequins and embellishments—there’s no such thing as too much sparkle this spring. The bolder the better.

Who's rocking the gold jumpsuit with me?

Crisp White

Crisp White

The white shirt is a classic trend that I am convinced will never die. Brands such as Balenciaga and Hermes have modernized this timeless piece in their runway shows using alternative materials, cuts and shapes. The white shirt has the power to save any outfit crisis and adds effortless detail to your look. Do your closet a favour and purchase the crisp white shirt. And if you’re ahead of the rest of us, well you know what they say—two is better than one.

Is it true if it is not white … it's not right? Do you like to wear white?



Pastel is the hue of the season. Mints, lilacs and pale yellows were featured all over the runways, including Rebecca Taylor and Jason Wu’s shows. Whether you’re a pencil skirt and crop top kind of gal, or you prefer the jeans and t-shirt look, pastels won’t be hard to find this spring.

Are you wear pastels?