Beyonce Sued By The Beyhive, Suit Claims Negligence for Chicago Fan Stampede

Everyone knows the pandemonium at a Beyonce concert rivals the pandemonium (or fan-damonium) of fans at a Michael Jackson concert back in the day; faintings, stampedes, and general excitement at the inconsiderate expense of others can actually lead to serious injuries. That’s what happened to two members of Beyonce’s Beyhive during a Dec. 13, 2013 concert, which led them to sue Mrs. Carter.

Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson say they were trampled by a mob of excited fans at the United Center in Chicago at the December concert after waiting for hours in hopes of being at the foot of the stage. The women, who say they were knocked unconscious and suffered multiple broken bones, filed a lawsuit yesterday (April 1) in Cook County Circuit Court against Beyonce, Live Nation, and The United Center, claiming misinformation on the parts of all three parties are to blame for the crowd’s rowdy, dangerous stampede.

According to the suit, Castellanos and Davidson say they purchased general admission tickets, which allowed them the privilege to stand in a reserved area in front of the doors, and arrived hours early before the doors opened to make sure they could get a good view of the show. “As the hours passed, the group became larger, more dense and more anxious about how, when and where the gate(s) would be released and where ticket holders and fans were supposed to enter The United Center — none of which was explained,” the suit stated. As 7PM rolled around, the doors were opened to let concertgoers in, but due to lack of organization, the suit states Live Nation, The United Center, or Beyonce did nothing to prevent the torrent of anxious, excited fans from pushing and running into the venue, ultimately leaving them severely injured. The ladies were taken to a nearby hospital and missed the concert altogether.

Castellanos and Davidson are seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

Which brings us to this question…There are many incidences of fans rushing the stage leading to injuries and death in some cases (i.e. The Who concert in 1979). Should there be a standard, more organized procedure for entering concert venues? Or, is it EVEN POSSIBLE to contain the excitement fans have for their favorite artists to ensure safety?

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