Repo Man! Is Sean Kingston Heading to The Poor House?

Sean Kingston’s recent financial woes are leading people to think that the "Fire Burning" hit-maker may be having money troubles.

During a night out in West Hollywood on Wednesday (Mar 26), Kingston’s Bentley was repossessed. He left the luxury ride with the valet service at the Mondrian Hotel only to return and find the vehicle hooked up to a tow truck. A video capture by TMZ cameras appears to show the singer and his entourage arguing with the towing crew and yelling, "I paid for it already."

This is the second vehicle of Kingston that received a visit from the Repo man. According to TMZ, his Mercedes Benz G-Wagen was hooked up on a tow at a L.A. shopping center last week. He reportedly fell three months behind on payments.

These latest money troubles follow an incident a few weeks back over an $8,771 bar tab in the Dominican Republic. The singer had to be tracked down by police to pay the bill, but he later chalked it up as a misunderstanding, claiming he thought the drinks were a gift by venue bosses.

Kingston’s reported net worth is around $2 million, but his cash flow has dwindled as of late. His last album, Back 2 Life, failed to make an impact on the charts while the sets top single, "Beat It," featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, peaked at only No. 52 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Kingston may need to come back to the middle class on his spending before he goes completely broke!

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