JoJo Hopes For Summer Single, Talks ‘Diverse’ New Album

JoJo hopes to have new music, in the form of an official single, out this Summer.

Following the signing of a new deal with Atlantic Records, the talented star plans to work very hard on her first Atlantic album, which will feature "a diverse collection of songs."

"You can expect a diverse collection of songs that help to explain me as a young woman and I think will speak to what it means to be a young woman in 2014, which isn’t just girl power anthems or boy-bashing songs, but it’s a wide variety of different influences," JoJo shared with ABC News this week.

While fans wait for the album and the official single, JoJo plans to continue releasing content to fans, whether it be in the form of a mixtape or a series of song releases.

"I want to continue putting out content," she shared. "I don’t know whether it’ll be in the form of a mixtape or just a few one-off songs, but I just think content is content. So, I just want to keep releasing stuff and kind of having it all lend itself to my world that I’m creating."

Look out for more of JoJo in the coming months.