Whew! Anita Baker Explains Arrest Warrant, Warrant Dropped

As previously reported, R&B legend Anita Baker was hit with a warrant for her arrest by a home contractor for failure to pay the full balance. Now according to TMZ, the veteran singer has spoken out on her side of the story: Baker says she had no idea that the contractor had even served her papers!

According to TMZ, in 2009, after putting down an initial $60,000 to Ray Smith Painting and Decorating, Baker never paid the full balance of $75,000 after what she calls a terrible job repairing her home after a storm. The company alleges that they posted the notice on her door, but Baker says she never saw it because she was on tour at the time the company claimed they posted the notice, but since she says she never saw it, she thinks they really never posted it at all.

“I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I’m terrified,” Baker reportedly told TMZ.

But there’s good news; Baker is no longer a wanted woman! In an update, a Michigan judge has dismissed the arrest warrant, and Baker is no longer being sought after to be put behind bars. However, the lawsuit over the money still looms, and a hearing will take place in April.