Jennifer Lopez Talks ‘The Fosters’: It’s About Life and Love

Jennifer Lopez says it was somewhat difficult to work on "The Fosters," her ABC Family hit series focusing on a lesbian couple.

Appearing on Ellen last week, the producer and American Idol judge said her late aunt helped her decide to ignore the controversy of attaching her name to "The Fosters."

"It's a great show. When it came across my desk it was one of things you go 'Uh oh. Do I do this or do I not do this?' I knew my name being attached would bring attention to it, but also create controversy because of the subject matter. It's about two lesbian moms who are raising foster kids, and some of their own kids, and it's just a beautiful family drama about life and love," Lopez shared with Ellen.

"It's really all it's about. Family. Some people are going to criticize it, but at the end of the day, I've got to always go with my heart and my gut. And I thought about it. I grew up with an Aunt who was gay… I watched her. She was my favorite aunt. She was the cool aunt."

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