Chris Brown to Appear in Court for Rehab Expulsion Ruling

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On Friday (March 14), reports about Chris Brown being jailed for being kicked out of rehab against court orders ran freely through entertainment news outlets and blogs. Now we have a bit more information regarding how long he may be locked up, and it doesn’t look good…

After spending a weekend behind bars, Brown and Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer, is scheduled to head to court today (Mar. 17) to convince an L.A. judge to let Brown be either moved to another rehab facility or put on house arrest as opposed to being locked up until his D.C. assault trial case begins on April 17th.

Depending on the judge’s ruling, Brown could be out of commission for a while. It's a shame, too, because Chris has a lot of professional things on his plate (i.e an album, modeling agency, etc).

Stay tuned as this story progesses…

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