Tank’s “You’re A Star” Rises to the Leading Position on Top 10 Most Popular R&B Songs

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Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have been winning with singles that bleed throwback melodies and live instrumentation, drawing fans across genres.

It looks like Tank took notes on what listeners are gravitating towards. Pulling from the nostalgia from years before, Tank molded his new single “You’re a Star” with that format in mind. Based on the early response, it has the same potential to reach the masses. The record begins with triumph horns, leading assumptions to believe the song is for a person treated in royal honor. With Tank attempting to remain calm, it is obvious his better half is far greater than an arm candy; he croons “You're my brightest possession ever known/I would rather die than let you go girl/can’t describe this feeling in my soul.” At the core is a love song but without the sappiness; the free-spirited production crafted by Tank keeps the feelings high.

Go through the entire R&B chart to see where Beyonce, PartyNextDoor, Rochelle Jordan, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Sevyn Streeter and Whitney Wright, lands.

Tank - You're My Star

Tank – You’re My Star

With an assortment of ear candy with horns, strings and catchy rhythms, Tank happily croons on "You're My Star" about having found his perfect lady love over something that sounds just as groovy as The Jackson's "This Place Hotel."

Sevyn Streeter - nEXT

Sevyn Streeter – nEXT

Sevyn Streeter unleashes new heat in the form of the Kid Ink-assisted remix to the song “nEXt” from her debut EP Call Me Crazy But... The groove has Sevyn conflicted on whether ort not getting back with an ex is a good idea.

Trey Songz - NaNa

Trey Songz – NaNa

Trey Songz arrives just in time for all his naughty little angels that need a gift. His fans have missed him since last summer when he released, "Sensational". Check out this smooth and sexy track "Nana"

B. Smyth - 24/7

B. Smyth – 24/7

Get your hips ready, cause Motown crooner B. Smith re-ups the party for a slow grind twerkfest with "24/7 (Twerkaholic Pt. 2)," a sequel to his Ready for the World-inspired single "Twerkaholic."

PartyNextDoor - R A I N (Remix) Ft. Rochelle Jordan

PartyNextDoor – R A I N (Remix) Ft. Rochelle Jordan

Rising singing-rapping artist PARTYNEXTDOOR song "Let It Rain," gets a makeover here with fellow Torontonian Rochelle Jordan and the simplified title "R A I N." Both PARTY and Jordan air out their dreams with a cool confidence, welcoming the struggle in order to welcome success.

Michael Jackson - Slave to the Rhythm

Michael Jackson – Slave to the Rhythm

It’s difficult to go through the red tape when it comes to getting your hands on the King of Pop’s unreleased songs, but it seems Timbaland and L.A. Reid have done just that. Timbo unveiled a snippet of an unleased MJ song, "Slave to the Rhythm," backed up by the signature rhythms of Timbo’s of production.

Beyonce - Partition (Remix Ted Smooth)

Beyonce – Partition (Remix Ted Smooth)

DJ Ted Smooth returns with another flip, this time it's a shortie for Beyonce's "Partition." Only a minute and a half long, Ted fuses Bey's track over her hubby Jay Z’s 1999 single "Jigga My N*gga"

Whitney Wright - Half on a Heart

Whitney Wright – Half on a Heart

Whitney Wright is FROM Houston, and is gaining quite the buzz with her new single "Half on a Heart," a track penned and produced by Grammy Nominated producer Andrew "Druski" Scott. The ballad has the young vocalist pleading for a full commitment from her emotionally distant guy, while showcasing her vocals comparative to the many vocal powerhouses she draws influences from.

Chris Brown - New Flame

Chris Brown – New Flame

All of a sudden we have another Breezy track floating out there, this time with MMG’s Rick Ross called "New Flame."

This mid-tempo, hip ballad has Breezy hollerin' at a new female prospect in the club, and Rick Ross jumps in with an awkward verse which seems foreign to the overall vibe.

Jennifer Lopez - I Luh Ya PaPi Feat. French Montana

Jennifer Lopez – I Luh Ya PaPi Feat. French Montana

Jennifer Lopez may be taking a few notes from Beyoncé for her latest single “I Luh Ya PaPi,” featuring rapper French Montana. On the Detail-produced cut, J.Lo reveals how she holds her man down and even gets him off.

J.Lo definitely has something on her hands with this. “I Luh Ya PaPi” is catchy, production friendly and anyone would appreciate sexy lyrics coming from someone as fly as J.Lo.

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