Chris Brown Jailed Again or Not?

Just when things seemed to be on the up and up….

After launching a modeling agency and being recognized for his philanthropic efforts by an L.A organization, Chris Brown has been allegedly jailed.

According to TMZ, he was kicked out of the Malibu rehab facility after a judge ordered him to extended a 90 day stint for anger management (in regards to the ’09 Rihanna beating) while his Washington D.C. assault case gets underway in April. The verdict read if he were to leave rehab for any reason, he would go to jail.

It’s unclear what got Brown booted from the facility, but sources say it’s because he “violated internal rules” unrelated to violence or drugs. Those close sources also say it’s’ also not due to an "inappropriate relationship" Brown supposedly had with one of the female workers at the facility earlier this month.

Back in November, Brown was booted from a different facility when he threw a boulder into the window of his mother’s car.


Contrary to TMZ's report, hit producer Polow The Don says Brown is not in Jail. He tweeted the below photo last night with the caption: "@chrisbrown IS HEALTHY SAFE AND SOUND…. DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA…. +4!!!! #DARETOBEGREAT ."