Kelly Price On Music and Marriage: ‘This Industry Does Not Support Healthy Families’

Former R&B Divas star Kelly Price says marriage is a fight and being a recording artist, the struggle to remain happily married is even harder.

"Marriage is a fight. It’s an even bigger one in this industry. This is the thing. This is one of those things that you’re not supposed to say. But the truth is this industry is not set up to support healthy families and healthy marriages. We’ll celebrate people on the cover, in February, with the hottest couples in the industry, but the truth of the matter is that if your relationship is hurting my bottom line then I’m not really for your relationship," Price shared during an interview with "Now What with Kevin E. Taylor".

According to Price, who takes pride in the fact that she has been able to maintain her marriage, despite being labeled many a thing, including a troublemaker, for not doing what others have suggested to sell records, it's a fact that drama sells records.

"I’ve been inside the machine where I was asked to be seen going out on a date. I’m not supposed to tell that. But be seen going out on a date with somebody else even though everybody, and they momma, knows that I’m married and have children. But that’s a good story. That helps to sell records," said Price. “I became a troublemaker when I said y’all can go to hell with all that. I’m not going to play games with my life. Because when this photoshoot is over and this paparazzi, that you planted in these bushes, gets their photos and that goes out and my name is in the mouths of people around the world, who are now speaking against my personal life, I gotta live that out. I gotta walk that out."