Ashanti Talks Irv Gotti, Nelly and New Album: ‘I’m Very Vulnerable and Sincere’

Ashanti is back with new music and she's not holding back when it comes to discussing the truth about her relationships with Irv Gotti and Nelly.

Sitting down with The Breakfast Club this week, the former Murder Inc princess said she was nothing but loyal to Irv Gotti.

"For Irv to say I wasn’t loyal, wasn’t true at all. After 2008, we didn’t speak for 6-7 years. We had a conversation at Hip Hop Honors and we agreed to disagree on a lot and that was it. I still consider them family, but we’re on different paths right now," Ashanti told The Breakfast Club.

As for Nelly, the "I Got It" singer says they both made mistakes, leading to a break up.

"I feel like there was a foundation that was set and those things shouldn't have happened," Ashanti said of their relationship, claiming things were said publicly that should not have been said. "It got bad. We both made mistakes."

Moving on to her chief concern right now, her new album, "Braveheart," Ashanti said music listeners should pick it up because she's more vulnerable and sincere than ever before.

"This was my opportunity to be brave enough to be honest. I’m very vulnerable and sincere on this album," said Ashanti.

Watch her full interview with The Breakfast Club below.