R. Kelly Talks ‘Black Panties’ Sequel, Handling Critics & Touring With Mary J. Blige

R. Kelly has a few albums cooking up in his lab. Late last year, the Pied Piper of R&B announced that he will be dropping his first Christmas project, 12 Nights of Christmas, due in 2014, and now he reveals that he will be dropping a sequel to his recently released album, Black Panties, entitled White Panties. Kelly broke the news to V Magazine; he also spoke about handling critics and his upcoming tour with Mary J. Blige.

On Handling Critics:

The more a soldier wins, the more the other soldiers want to take him out. You have to know how to metaphorically and spiritually use your gift to be your shield. So I shield myself with my gift. I stay behind it and I continue to make music. And when the music is sharpened, I shoot it out there. I’m not a master, but I learned a lot from my teacher Lena McLin. She was basically my Ms. Miyagi and I was her Daniel-san. I would listen to everything she would tell me and I’m still doing that today.

On a Sequel to Black Panties:

Absolutely. It’s called White Panties. And you can expect a whole other level.

On Touring With Mary J. Blige:

It’s a very exciting thing when two people like Mary and me come together. It’s never been done, but it kind of makes sense, and you’re like, Wow! And this is very exciting for me because I’m a fan of hers. I’m in the studio right now working on a song for me and Mary. I’m even looking forward to proposing that we do a whole album together. But this is the first I’ve mentioned it. The “King & Queen” album.

Read the full interview here.

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