Robin Thicke Opens Up About Separation to VA Crowd, Breaks Down During Performance of ‘Lost Without You’

Safe to say Robin Thicke's separation from wife Paula Patton is most likely due to his recent mega success (cue the groupies!). Since the announcement, Thicke has cancelled tour dates, but his return to the stage wasn't easy, as he recently broke down during a recent show in Virginia.

It’s clear he’s taking this separation very hard, as he got emotional after dedicating his song “Lost Without You” to his estranged wife Patton.

"She told me you should go out there and tell 'em the truth, you know…you should tell em that you tried to get me back. She's a good woman, you know," he said. “If you got somebody with you tonight that you love and you appreciate, hold on tight to em, take care of em. Cause I wanna dedicate this song to her. I wrote this about her, but I need y’all help to get me through it," he continued before wiping away tears as the song began.

Aaww, now he really IS lost without her…(sidebar: Do you think his recent efforts to get her back will work????)

Check out the sad video below: