Usher Explains ‘The Voice’ Return: ‘I Really Wanted To Reintroduce Myself’

With many a Grammy on his mantle and many a Platinum certification, some might question why Usher would take a seat on NBC's reality singing competition, "The Voice." According to Usher, the show is serving as a reintroduction.

"It's an incredible environment to work in, and bring whatever your experience is to the show. A lot of why I really wanted to do this show was an opportunity in some way, to reintroduce myself. For many years, being viewed in one specific way — I've been doing it for a long time, even though I'm still the new kid on the block [on 'The Voice']. It's that intimate look, my point of view, my perspective that I would never be able to give my audience that I think is great," Usher told Billboard during a recent Q&A with production and host, Carson Daly, recently.

Back for what is now his second season, Usher has tapped fellow R&B veteran Jill Scott as a mentor for contestants. He's also taking lessons he learned from his first season, in 2013, and applying them on the new season, which premiered Monday.

"I learned to beg, I learned to ask where you're from, and to be extremely aggressive," Usher said of the blind audition process. "While I'm mentoring, I would actually like to win the show. I think Blake, he created an idea — there's a focus, he stays country, no matter what. It's his one go-to if he feels like he's out of sorts in some way. I'm working out that one piece. The rest, you gotta to tune in and see."

"The Voice" is back, airing Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.