Mara Hruby – Cry Me A River

Singer-songwriter Mara Hruby has a seductive, gentle and wholesome goodness that is unique and pure. Her organic, honey-sweet-delicious voice is nothing but good for the soul.

In "Cry Me A River", Mara rolled the "green", baked cookies from scratch, and glided throughout her house singing about a failed relationship. It's this simple presentation coupled with meaningful lyrics that exposed the emotion, pain and melancholy of her personal experience. Her impeccable style and vision is definitely showcased throughout this video. She's a romantic movement in heels.

"Cry Me A River" serves as Mara's new single, which is just a puzzle piece to her upcoming emotionally drenched EP entitled 'Archaic Rapture'.

Directed/Edited Reel by Dr. Woo Art