Justin Timberlake Heats Up New York City With Live Performances

On February 20 & February 21, 2014, RCA records recording artist Justin Timberlake hit the stage in New York City at Madison Square Garden arena. A few difficulties appeared prior to the concert; the singer being under the weather, postponing Wednesday's concert to Friday, and time management. But, these challenges didn't intervene with the singer's mission.

Justin or some would say JT is one of music's biggest acts, so he had to deliver a show that most people would not forget in their wildest dreams. And the ‘Suit & Tie’ singer and actor achieved his goal.

JT’s 30-song set was divided into two segments, which included a 10-minute intermission. He performed probably all the heavy hitters that he released over the past 12 years . Audience members were screaming from the tops of their lungs when he sang, "Pusher Love Girl," "FutureSex/Love Sound," "Like I Love You," "TKO," "My Love," "Summer Love," "Holy Grail," "Cry Me a River," "Suit & Tie," " Tunnel Vision," "Senorita," the late MJ's "Human Nature," "Take Back The Night," "Sexy Back," "What Goes Around..Comes Around," or the love ballads, "Until the End of Time" and "Mirrors."

During his set, you could tell fans were highly impressed by Timberlake’s stage presence. There were no empty seats in sight; fans were dancing non-stop. JT’s showmanship was also enhanced by great lighting, his back-up singers and instrumentalists, and how each graphic on stage blended with each song he was performing. JT even had a personal interaction with fans, especially when he used an electric stairway to greet and sing to them, which was amazing.

For two nights, Justin's showmanship and God-given talents were sternly present. The singer knows he can spark his audience with his excellent dance moves, humor, and last not but not least, his VOICE! It was definitely worth every penny because it was more than just a concert. Fans were partying with the well-groomed singer. It even knocked out his 16 minute performance at the MTV Video Music Awards out the water.

Justin's solo career continues to take off to the highest capacity; he can be the male version of Madonna. The former Mousekeeter and NSYNC bandmate sets himself apart from other artists because he is an ENTERTAINER!