Chris Brown Honored By L.A. Community Group for His Philanthropy

Can Chris Brown regain his a reputation in the court of public opinion? Looks like he may be on the right track!

For his track record of charity work, Brown was given an award by L.A. community group 2nd Call on Friday (Feb. 21) for his various acts of charity. Brown created the charity The Symphonic Love Foundation, which creates art programs for children, and also started the Unity Campaign which promotes equality for all races and sexual orientations.

Wearing a dapper sweater and tie, Chris looked healthy and happy at the event, which comes after news that he’s chosen to stay a bit longer than his 90-day court-ordered stint at a rehab facility.

Catch some photos from the event below, and be sure to check out the (leaked?) song "Counterfeit" from his album X due out on May 5.

Photos via NB

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