TGT Stands Arsenio Hall Up, Tyrese and Tank Apologize

To be stood up is ego-crashing enough, but to be stood up on your own show in front of millions of viewers? That’s just rough!

On Wednesday night (Feb. 19), the group TGT, comprised of Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank, were no-shows on the Arsenio Hall show. Not only was Arsenio left in the dust, but an entire audience of excited women were left out to dry as well. Air time was filled with awkwardness and comedians to entertain the audience as producers scrambled to rectify the situation.

Tyrese took to Twitter in a series of tweets to apologize:

“It’s gonna take years to recover from this but I will earn your trust again cause I know you are committed to your viewers we will fix this.” He continued, “I’ve been sick to my stomach all day cause it was ME who asked him to come back on for the fans. Arsenio Hall bro we feel like sh*t…TGT is not on the show tonight and it’s completely on someone in our camp who f*cked up. It’s expected of A-Hall to publically speak on it…It’s true I’m in Kansas City, MO…what’s going on out here tonight? I’m in a bad mood!!!!! Someone save me!!!!!”

Tank also used Twitter to apologize:

"To all the fans, viewers n workers of @ArsenioHall I send my personal public apology for this debacle! You deserve better from us!! We #TGT have no excuse for what happened and we will work for however long it takes to repair this! @ArsenioHall we r at ur mercy.. #love"

No word yet from Ginuwine, but fingers will definitly be pointing every which way to blame whomever messed up the scheduling. After their disastrous performance on “The Couch” morning show last year, there have been whispers of the group’s cohesiveness and lack of professionalism . Where’s the organization?!