Brian Mcknight Sues Former Accountant, Says His Royalties Are Frozen, Credit Score Dropped, More

If I go down, I’m not going alone! This is the case for Brian McKnight and his tax troubles.

The veteran R&B crooner is suing his former accountant Vernon Brown, claiming the tax professional ruined his life by failing to sort out his tax debt for almost a decade, resulting in over $1.5 million in fees and penalties.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, McKnight says Brown made decisions about his money without his knowledge, like contacting a politician to secretly put him on an installment plan to pay off tax debt.

McKnight insists the accountant put him in a position where his credit score has dwindled, his house has a lien, and his music royalties have been frozen.

The singer also claims his driving license has been suspended, along with his son, whom shares the same name.

As previously reported, McKnight is readying a new "interactive" album, Brian McKnight Interactive.

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