Miguel On Progress of New Album: ‘I Have A Clear Vision Now’

Miguel now has a clear vision and is making progress on the follow up to his "Adorn" led album "Kaleidoscope Dream" (2012).

"It's coming great. I have a very clear vision, and I have a very clear goal. I know what I want, and I'm getting there," Miguel shared with Billboard over the weekend.

As previously reported during an interview with THR last month, Miguel had called work on the album "a little daunting" because of the success of "Kaleidoscope Dream" and the time he spent away from the studio.

"It was a little daunting because I wasn't sure how rusty I'd be. I'd been collecting ideas and writing down concepts and phrases and all those things you hoard as you're moving along, and that very first day in the first hour, we had something special. I think my spirit was ready to go and ride the wave, so to speak. I've been so focused on performing and making sure that what we do live is connecting. So now I'm just happy to be in a place where I can have solitude and just create freely," said Miguel.

Now focused and in progress, Miguel says "it's coming out exactly how I imagined it."

"As a musician, we hear things in our heads, and sometimes it doesn't really come out the way we hear it. Somehow, this time around, it's coming out exactly how I imagined it. The only thing I want to do is be in the studio, because you never want to forsake your creativity. You want to honor it… I'm more excited now to be in the studio," said Miguel.