Monroe, Superstar! Mariah Carey’s Daughter Featured on New Album

If your mother is Mariah Carey, you can almost guarantee a feature on an album at some point in your life. For the superstar's three-year-old daughter Monroe, that time has come early: Carey confirmed one of "dem babies" will be having a small part on her upcoming May 6th album.

She told People Magazine in a recent interview, "It’s a song that I wrote with Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri. There’s a part that Jermaine says on the song that [the kids] loved, and Monroe started to say it,” Carey told PEOPLE at the Empire State Building’s Love Above All lighting ceremony in New York City last Thursday. "I kept having to get my iPhone and record her. So I have all these different takes of her saying things, singing things. Then I’d be like, ‘This is your new ad lib — learn it!’ I have to make it fun for her."

With parents like Mariah and Nick Cannon as heavy-hitters in the entertainment industry, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be seeing more of Roc and Roe in the limelight in some way (as if Mariah’s Instagram isn’t enough!)