Patti LaBelle Performs ‘If Only You Knew,’ Chats With Queen Latifah Show

Legendary vocal powerhouse Patti LaBelle paid a visit to "The Queen Latifah Show" recently.

In addition to taking the stage to perform "If Only You Knew," LaBelle talked about the music industry and how some call themselves one thing, but "we know best."

"I think Fantasia is awesome. She's the mini me. You know she kicks her shoes off before she starts the show… I said baby girl, wait til maybe the seventh song," LaBelle says in the clip below. "She is one of the people you should watch. Of course, Christina Aguilera, of course…. not many. You know there are a lot of people who call themselves whatever, but we know best. You know Dana…"

Patti LaBelle performs "If Only You Knew".