Chris Brown Cites “Extortion” In Basketball Beat Down Lawsuit

Chris Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos says a new lawsuit against his client is an “extortion” attempt.

As previously reported, Malcolm Ausbon sued Brown and 24-Hour Fitness, claiming the Grammy winner and his friends beat him senseless during a basketball game. He states he was taken to the ER to be treated for injuries to his face, head, neck, back, legs and ribs and cites suffering from embarrassment, fear, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.

TMZ obtained the letter that Ausbon's lawyer sent to Geragos. "Mr. Ausbon is placed in a position by the LAPD where he needs to decide whether he will press charges," the letter said before adding, "He would rather be compensated." Brown’s attorney claims the letter was a cleverly worded extortion.

Brown will also fight back by filing his own police report. "Chris is not affiliated with a gang or any similar organization. He is affiliated with the Symphonic Love Foundation and other organizations that strive to bring love, hope and the arts to children in need," a rep of Brown told TMZ.

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