Chris Brown Sued Over Alleged Assault During Basketball Game

Apparently Chris Brown and some friends made a bad play on the court when it came to Malcolm Ausbon last summer and now will be headed to a court of a different kind.

According to Ausborn, things went awry after a quarrel at a 24-hour Fitness basketball court. He claims he attempted to separate himself from the situation, but before he could, Brown and three others allegedly came at him and began to “strike, punch, kick, pull and stomp” on his "head and body." He also says Brown shouted out the blood gang.

In court papers obtained by TMZ, Ausbon claims to have sustained injuries to his face, neck, face, head, back, legs and ribs from the incident. He also says he now deals with anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder among other things.

Ausbon is suing both Chris Brown and 24-hour Fitness for damages. This latest allegation comes after a string of legal troubles for the singer.