LeToya Luckett On New Album, 2014: ‘I Want To Take More Chances’

Actress and recording artist LeToya Luckett wants to grow more musically, and in life, in 2014.

Discussing her forthcoming third studio album and life with VH1 recently, the "Don't Make Me Wait" singer said she's coming into her own and has definitely grown as an artist.

"I’m coming into my own. I’ve definitely grown as an artist. I’ve grown as a woman through different life experiences. I’m more open. I used to play it really, really safe—especially with my first album—because One: it was a surprise to me that I was even doing an album. I was like, “What? Solo artist? I could never be a solo artist.” So now to be doing that and be on my third album? You couldn’t have told the old LeToya that she would be on her third album and have this awesome life in between," she told VH1 this week.

Working with Harmony Samuels (Fantasia), Dre Harris and Andrea Martin on the new album, LeToya says its been awesome.

"I think they all have. I love Andrea. Her energy is crazy. She’s always moving and ready; she’s awesome. Working with Dre Harris and Joe Black, in R&B now, you can’t really touch them. They work with the Jill Scotts. They work with so many great people so to have this opportunity it’s awesome," said LeToya. "I just want to take more chances. I want to surprise myself and just leap. And do something that I was probably terrified of doing in 2013–be a little uncomfortable. There’s nothing wrong with that; growth is in that. So I just want to grow more."