Keyshia Cole Nervous Over Sexier New Music and Image, Wants More Kids on ‘Bethenny’

Is Keyshia Cole nervous about new music exploring her sexuality? During an appearance on Bethenny Frankel's daytime talker, "Bethenny," the "I Should've Cheated" and "Trust & Believe" singer admitted that she's never seen herself as sexy or as an overtly sexual artist.

"With my touring. With my recording side of things, I'm really starting to get into a sexier side of myself and am just realizing and understanding my sexuality," Cole told Bethenny before admitting "as I get uncomfortable (talking about it)."

When asked if it comes natural to her, Keyshia Cole said "no."

"I've never been overly sexy. I don't feel like I'm an overly sexy artist," said Cole. "In the bedroom that's different."

As previously reported, the Grammy nominated artist is working on a new album that could end up being released later this year.

In related news, Keyshia Cole says she wants more kids, but also admits that she isn't really disciplining her son because of his age.