Jesse Boykins III Says “He Will Never Forget His Humble Couch Sleeping-Drug Slanging Days”

After four years touring, Jesse Boykins III is prepping a new project that should be filled with his global soul flavor. As he finishes up his new album and documentary due out this spring, he has had time to grow and have a new perspective on life and how he fits into it. Jesse Boykins III quickly broke down why he will not forget where he came from and how his drug slanging, couch sleeping days will never be forgotten.

“A lot of artists are intelligent but too scared to preach. They just want a check. If you have 30 million in the bank, how do you lose site of where you came from. If I’m super successful, I don’t want to lose sight of who helped me. I don’t want to forget living on people’s couches and selling drugs like I did. People would eventually recognize me as an artist, but I didn’t have any money. I have to remember my struggle," says Jesse Boykins III.

At a time when most artists are screaming money over everything, it seems Jesse wants to go against the grain.

"I’m writing songs that influence lives… I want to be influential.”

Stay tuned for his new album and documentary that is due this spring.