Erika Kayne – Heart For Sale

Tired of having your heart broken? Put it up for sale!

After catching her man cheating in a club bathroom, Cleveland singer Erika Kayne finally kicks him to the curb in the video for “Heart For Sale.” A regular reaction to this type of betrayal could have landed her behind bars, but she showed she’s the bigger person by walking away.

Taking the high road in this visual is a part of her campaign “Think Before You Act,” in which she aims to inspire others to make better life choices. Her motivation is her personal story of serving one-year for weapons charges.

“The truth is, I’ve done wrong and got caught up, and I’ve been hurt in my personal relationships. But, I worked hard to turn my life around and I’m determined to end this vicious cycle for my family and anyone I can touch. As for my love life, I’m moving on and have a Heart for Sale,” Kayne says in the PSA video, which you can see here.

Mack Wilds cameos in the video at the end.