Toni Braxton on Babyface: I Used To Have a Terrible Crush On Him

Do you think Toni Braxton and Babyface have undeniable chemistry? According to Toni Braxton, even though their relationship is like brother and sister, there was a time where she had "a terrible crush" on him.

"I used to have a terrible crush on him during the first album when we worked together, but then I realized he just sees me as a little sister so [I should] just be the little sister. We're both single, but sometimes you get stuck in the baby sister and the friend thing, and it's there forever…but he is my musical husband. We are married. He doesn't know that, but we're married," Braxton teased during an interview with ABC this week.

In related news, Braxton and Babyface's new album, "Love, Marriage & Divorce," is in stores today. Led by the single "Hurt You," the album includes songs like "Reunited," "I'd Rather Be Broke," "Heart Attack" and "Sweat."

The album is available in stores and at digital retailers.