Kelly Clarkson Confirms New Album Coming Late 2014

Kelly Clarkson is happily expecting her first child, but that doesn't mean fans will have to wait for new music.

According to the "American Idol" and Grammy winner, a new album will be released late 2014.

"I am writing now & gonna be recording soon. We're aiming to release my next album at the end of this year :)," Clarkson shared with a fan via Twitter over the weekend.

Clarkson has also tapped hit making producer Claude Kelly for her next album.

"I've written some stuff [for her] that's very, very pop, like, straight down the middle pop, and she adds all the bells and whistles to it," Kelly shared with ABC News recently. "Kelly is the kinda person where her voice kinda dictates anything, so it can go anywhere from a little country-leaning to a little dance-leaning, so I think she's taking a bit of everything and making it her own with her voice."

Kelly and Clarkson previously worked together on "My Life Would Suck Without You," which turned out to be a massive hit.