Mila J, Algebra Blessett, Eric Bellinger Earn Top 3 Spots on Top 10 Most Popular R&B Songs of the Week

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Def Jam's latest signee Mila J aka Japollonia started in the music business by being booked for the little girl role in Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” music video. After a few attempts in girl groups and solo deals, she is finally grounded and ready to release a full studio album. This week, Mila J shipped out the single “Smoke, Drink, Break Up," which reached No. 1 on Singersroom’s Top 10 Most Popular R&B Songs of the Week.

The production on Mila J’s new track is reminiscent of Timbaland’s creative crafting for Aaliyah. The Los Angeles native's aggressive melody raise the reliability of a yo-yoing relationship that only finds peace when smoking, drinking or breaking up. More music is expected to surface from her this year.

One notch lower on the Top 10 Most Popular R&B Songs of the Week is Algebra Blessett’s “Nobody But You.” She teaches a quick lesson learned is not to come between her and her lover. Algebra maintains a sweet tone while being assertive with lyrics that point to her immense connection. The single is featured on the recently released album, 'Recovery.'

Eric Bellinger has been working overtime as the February 11th, 2014 retail release date of ‘The Rebirth’ moves closer. A downpour of three of his records including “My Queen,” Road Trip” and “Same Ol” earned spots on the Most Popular R&B Songs of the Week, “My Queen” was the highest at No. 3.

Mila J - Smoke Drank Break

Mila J – Smoke Drank Break

Mila drops this simmering groove “Smoke, Drink, Break Up,” which documents the vicious cycle of never having a happy relationship, especially when sober: “Either we smoke or we drinkin or we at each other’s throat,” the lyrics say.

Algebra Blesset - Nobody But You

Algebra Blesset – Nobody But You

Jealousy and envy cannot creep their way into Algebra’s relationship, she is 100% certain about her heart’s allegiance. Algebra maintains a sweet tone while being aggressive with lyrics that point to her immense connection.

Eric Bellinger - My Queen

Eric Bellinger – My Queen

Whether it’s someone else singing his words, or him dropping another mixtape project, Eric Bellinger STAY keeping a song out, don’t he? The song has Eric super proud of his woman, paying her the ultimate compliment by calling her his queen (every woman loves that, right ladies?!)

Eric Bellinger - Road Trip

Eric Bellinger – Road Trip

A.-based songwriter Eric Bellinger releases "Road Trip," an ode to his special bae, suggesting a spontaneous, romantic getaway. Co-written by Joe Boom, Eric B. plans on taking care of his lady as he plots a spur-of the moment trip.

Jennifer Lopez - Girls

Jennifer Lopez – Girls

Jennifer is currenlty working on her 10th studio album, and she's getting back to her roots in more ways than just returning home to the Bronx: "Same Girl," along with her DJ Mustard-produced single "Girls" is proof that she's revisiting her harder urban sound, the one we haven't heard since 2001's J.Lo.

Eric Bellinger - Same Ol Jon B

Eric Bellinger – Same Ol Jon B

Ok, are you prepared for an R&B overload? This is what happens when two R&B generations collide. Newer generation hitmkaer Eric Bellinger links up with veteran Jon B. for a collab From Eric’s Feb. 11 project The Rebirth called “Same Ol’,” and it’s everything one would expect from these two.

Paloma Faith -Love Only Leaves

Paloma Faith -Love Only Leaves

Retro-styled British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith lays on some vintage R&B with "Love only Leaves You Lonely," a classic tune of heart-wrenching heartbreak. Paloma delivers the story of the very relatable condition of loneliness which follows being dumped.

Dontae Winslow - Summer Cook

Dontae Winslow – Summer Cook

We don’t usually post vocal-less music, but this just "Summer Cook" feels good. The kind of music that makes your stomach grumble for a worthy reason.

L Young - Love Is A Verb

L Young – Love Is A Verb

"Love is a Verb" for those that didn't pay attention in class. However, this time, in this class, we are learning all about those emotions related to love.

Glenn Lews - Closer

Glenn Lews – Closer

Glenn Lewis "feels fortunate" and he's making sure he keeps his lady close in his latest single "Closer."

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